‘‘Sun and Cricket Farm offers an array of amenities for both horse and rider. In addition to clean, boxed stalls, fresh hay and a pasture, the facility features miles of trails for all levels of riders.’’

- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

For a nominal fee and appropriate health clearances, B&B guests may bring their own horses and board them in roomy box stalls or private pasture with white post and rail fence. The Sun and Cricket does not offer trail rides on our horses, however.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says: "The 200-year-old rebuilt carriage house is located next to the barn. Guests can sit on the porch off their room and watch their horses graze contentedly in the pasture below."

Stalls with bedding and hay are $35 per horse per day and includes pasture, weather permitting. Pasture only is $25 per horse per day. Horse lodging is only for guests of the B&B. We do not provide hook-ups for trailers.

Policy Information

Reservations are required.

For safety reasons, check-in must take place before dark. Horses will not be accepted after dark.

Overnight stabling is an amenity offered to bed and breakfast guests. It is not offered to horses whose owners wish to camp or stay elsewhere.

Other requirements and considerations:

  • A current (less than one month) health certificate and a negative Coggins (less than six months) are required. These papers must be shown before unloading.
  • Horse owners are responsible for their mounts and for any damage they may cause. Owners must sign a liability waiver before unloading.
  • Horse owners are responsible for feeding and grooming their horses. They must provide their own grain. The Sun and Cricket will provide hay.
  • Horse owners must be on site any time their mounts are in the pasture.

Horses that appear to pose a danger will not be accepted. No horses will be accepted after dark.